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Pauzagin Tonsing


Shri Pauzagin Tonsing is a graduate of Physics from Assam University and holds a PGD in Journalism from IIMC, Dhenkanal, Odisha. After completing his education, he returned to his hometown in 2001 and started a weekly publication called "Frontier Weekend" in his local dialect, Paite. He also worked with PTI as a Stinger.

In 2004, he married Smt Dondouching, and in 2005, their lives changed forever when their son, Ginmalsawm Tonsing, was born with irreversible optic nerve atrophy. The struggle was futile despite visiting all health facilities within their reach and trying to impart education. The couple ran from pillar to post with little success, and that was when they decided to take up the challenge to help children with disabilities.

As a father of a child with visual impairment, he struggled against all odds to create an accepting and inclusive environment for persons with disabilities. Starting without any resources and knowledge capital, the initiative was based on locally available resources to create a support system for PWDs. In 2007, they set up an organization called the Centre for Community Initiative (CCI). The organization started a project called The Malsawm Initiative (A School for Children with Special Needs) at Pearsonmun, Lamka in 2011. The school caters to the well-being of needy children with compassion and parental care, encouraging and supporting parents in bringing positive change in the lives of children with disabilities and thus bringing changes in the hearts of the people and creating awareness in society for providing an enabling environment for PWDs.

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