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MARC envisions the facilitation of capacities to meet the needs of persons with disabilities in and around Manipur. Through MARC we aim to address varied and unique, but appropriate interventions beyond education and health. MARC sees itself as a one-stop centre that will help persons with disabilities (PwDs) to further enable their abilities and enjoy a dignified life.

The Malsawm Initiative / TMI(A School for Children with Special Needs):

In an inclusive setting, children with crossed disabilities are provided appropriate need-based services. Depending on their abilities and age, students are grouped into Play Group, Class I– VI respectively. TMI is an accredited center for Open Basic Education (OBE) under NIOS that provide a proper curriculum and enables our students the continuation of their education just like any other student in mainstream education. In the school, students are nurtured and nurtured and assessed on their Personal Social Qualities (PSQs), Co-Scholastic, and Scholastic areas with a major focus on their strengths and abilities. All stakeholders, including children and parents, are provided with the necessary training and sensitization from time to time.

Early Intervention (EI) Unit:

Early Intervention and School Readiness Scheme is specially designed for children between the age group of 0-10 years with four disabilities (Autism, Cerebral palsy, Intellectual Disability, and Multiple Disabilities) This unit is covered under the National Trust Act that aims at providing training, therapies (specifically school readiness) and counseling to both children and parents.

Therapeutic Services Unit:

For our students with cerebral palsy and other locomotive disability, physiotherapy plays an important role in improving their mobility. Therefore, therapeutic services are provided almost on a regular basis to the students enrolled in TMI and EI. The service provided is scheduled based on the student’s needs. Additionally, our therapeutic services are also made available to children or adults from the community as well.

Skill Development & Vocational Rehabilitation:

The employability rate of Persons with Disabilities is still at an all-time low in the state. Although there are reservations in state and central government jobs, the loss of opportunity can be attributed to a lack of education and awareness. Through its skill development and rehabilitation unit, CCI envisions providing training and developing their skills to empower them to be self-sufficient and independent. At present, it has a product of candy and jam from wild gooseberry/ Indian gooseberry which are abundantly available in the forest. The product is in the name and style of Fruits and Roots. It was founded on the idea of creating a system that would help farmers, caretakers, and tribal women who could not opt for regular professions due to their home bounded engagement. They become the source of meeting the raw material needs even as they forage the fruit from the forest. The raw materials coming from the village are processed at the Malsawm Ability Resource Centre by adult PwDs, caregivers, and their parents under the supervision of our professional instructor. The products are either sold online, directly to customers, or through vendors and our supporters.

Inclusive Education Programme:

CCI focuses on Inclusive Education as a two-component project with an aim to bridge the gap between children with disabilities (CwDs) and resources. With technical knowledge of inclusive education, CCI supports mainstream schools in making an inclusive school. So far six government-run schools are capitated to include children with disabilities. It expands the four private mainstream co-ed schools from 2021.

Home Base Care/Community Outreach:

Due to the congestion of spaces and lack of infrastructure, CCI could not cater to the maximum needs of the community. Therefore, we extend our services to the homes of children with disabilities and more severe ones who are bedridden or looked after by single parents. CCI engaged community volunteers to support this intervention. These volunteers are given hands-on training for months to equip themselves with all the important tools and skill sets before the volunteer works begin.

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