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Disaster Management


A Response to Humanitarian Crisis in Manipur

The outbreak of a humanitarian crisis in Manipur, which began on May 3, 2023, has left many people without homes. Currently, the state is providing shelter for over 50,000 Internally Displaced People (IDPs) in more than 204 relief camps. In Lamka alone, there are over 25,000 IDPs spread across more than 120 relief camps.

In response to this dire situation, Centre for Community Initiative (CCI) has undertaken various initiatives under Project Itna (A Response to Humanitarian Crisis in Manipur) ITNA means "Love." Let's take a closer look at the highlights of CCI's responses:

  • Inclusive Community Learning Centre (iCLC):
    Inclusive Community Learning Centre (iCLC) operates in eight relief centers across Lamka town, catering to over 600 Internally Displaced Children (IDC) by offering education, social skills, life skills and other appropriate programs. The primary objective of these iCLCs is to to build up their skills and mainstreaming them in the soceicty by including all IDCs including children with disabilitis. By providing these programs at these relief centers, the iCLCs strive to create a nurturing and inclusive community for the IDCs. These centers serve as a safe haven where children can access quality education, despite the challenges they face due to displacement. The iCLCs are committed to fostering an environment that promotes holistic development and growth. Through a comprehensive curriculum, these centers aim to equip the IDCs with the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive academically and personally. Furthermore, the iCLCs recognize the importance of inclusivity in education. They strive to ensure that every child, regardless of their background or circumstances, has equal access to educational opportunities. By embracing diversity and promoting inclusivity, the iCLCs aim to empower these children and enable them to reach their full potential.
  • Nutrition Food:
    At relief centres, children are not only offered an enriching educational experience but are also provided with wholesome meals to promote their overall well-being and optimal growth, and babies are provided baby-food accordingly. The provision of nutritious food is a crucial aspect of our commitment to ensuring the students' health and proper development.
  • Health and Psychosocial Support:
    CCI is actively providing psychosocial support to the children who attend the iCLCs. In our unwavering commitment to the well-being of the children attending the iCLCs, CCI has taken proactive measures to provide them with essential psychosocial support. We understand the importance of nurturing their mental and emotional health, alongside their physical well-being. Moreover, recognizing the unique needs of female inmates, we have taken steps to distribute sanitary pads to over 3,000 women. By addressing this fundamental requirement, we aim to ensure their dignity and promote a hygienic environment within Relief Camps.
  • Welfare of Persons with Disabilities (PwDs): CCI is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of individuals with disabilities (PwDs) including the IDP community. Our efforts encompass the establishment of a comprehensive database that identifies and records the PwDs among the IDPs. Additionally, we actively support the issuance of 54 Unique Disability Identification (UDID) cards to those PwDs who are IDPs. In collaboration with the District Medical Board (Disability), we organize assessment camps at the District Hospital in Lamka. These camps serve as a platform for evaluating the needs of PwDs and ensuring they receive appropriate assistance. As part of our commitment, we also distribute 20 wheelchairs and other essential aids and appliances to further enhance their mobility and independence.
  • Economic Sustenance for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) - Livelihood Support: CCI is committed to providing economic sustenance support to 20 IDPs, enabling them to sustain themselves based on their existing skills and profession. Through our partnership with the Oak Foundation, we have facilitated various trades such as tailoring, weaving, tea stall management, and store operations for these individuals. Our primary objective is to empower IDPs by equipping them with the necessary tools and resources to generate income and achieve financial independence. By leveraging their existing skills, we aim to foster self-sufficiency and resilience within the IDP community.
  • Clothing: We have gratefully received generous donations of clothing, weighing approximately 1,500kg, from various regions across India. These much-needed garments have been efficiently distributed to several relief camps in Lamka town, ensuring that those affected by the crisis have access to proper clothing. It is worth noting that each of the 4670 individuals in these camps has received three pieces of clothing, thanks to these contributions.
  • Dry Rations and Daily Essentials:
    With the generous support of our partners, we are able to distribute essential resources to over 1000 households. These resources include 2125 kilograms of rice, pulses, and toiletry essentials. Through the collaboration with our partners, we ensure that these vital resources reach the households that require them the most. By distributing 2125 kilograms of rice, pulses, and toiletry essentials, we aim to alleviate the hardships faced by vulnerable communities. We understand the importance of these basic necessities in maintaining a healthy and dignified life. Thanks to the support of our dedicated partners, we are able to make a significant impact on the lives of over 1000 households.
  • Management of Relief Camp (Closed):
    We effectively managed the Relief Centre at MARC from May 3, 2023, until its consolidation with another Relief Centre in August 2023.


People with disabilities, older people, pregnant women, children, and other at-risk groups are the most affected yet often the most forgotten in Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR). CCI, therefore, incorporates Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction (DiDRR) in order to protect and take necessary precautionary measures for all. It has taken initiative in Covid Response and supported District Disaster Management Authority in many ways.

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