Research & DocumentationThe organization does Research and Documentation (R&D) works which form the backbone of all activities undertaken. Research is carried out to identify those in need and; to have a comprehensive understanding, make proper assessments; and create action plans and interventions. Documentation of the activities are undertaken to provide materials for future reference.

Socio-Economic Survey on Disabilities:

CCI  is fairly certain  that  there are  severe discrepancies  in  all  the  existing  data  on  disability representing  Churachandpur  District.  Neither the SocialWelfare  Department,  nor  the  SarvaShikshanAbhiyan (SSA)  produce  the  same  data  on  disability,  though representing  the  same  government.  This indicates the absence of reliable data representing the entire District of Churachandpur.   In  other  words,  many deserving differently able individuals are being deliberately or accidentally  omitted  and  deprived  of recognition  and  thus  results  in  their being deprivied oftheir  rightful entitlements.

With the support of CBM, CCI has been engaged in a District-wide Socio-Economic Survey on Disabilities since 2014. Though initially planned to be a one year activity, the unyielding terrain and extreme lack of facilities in the interior regions have slowed the process of data collection, limiting the area in which survey is carried. A complete data on PwDs will be compiled and share with authorities for future use.


Information, Education and Communication (IEC) combine strategies, approaches and methods that enable individuals, families, groups, organisations and communities to play active roles in achieving, protecting and sustaining their own health. Embodied in IECis the process of learning which empowers people to make decisions, modify behaviors and change social perspectives. Activities are developed based upon needs-assessment, sound educational principles, and periodic evaluation using a clear set of goals and objectives.Various learning and resource materials are produced under this program.