Centre for Community Initiative was started with support from the community and it has been associated and supported by a host of institutions and organizations. These includes Salwan Media, New Delhi; Voice and Vision India, Mumbai; Department of Social Welfare, Government of Manipur; Spastic Society of Manipur; Dawn School, Churachandpur; District Blindness Control Society, Churachandpur; CBO and churches, and other local and regional disability organizations.

Apart from the above mentioned partners, the organisation has been associated with various organisations over the years.

CBM : Christofell Blindenmission (CBM) support CCI in doing Socio-Economic Survey and its Village Based Rehabilitation (VBR) programme. CBM is an international Christian development organisation, committed to improving the quality of life of people with disabilities in the poorest communities of the world.
Website: www.cbmindia.org.in

NFI: The National Foundation for India (NFI), an independent, Indian grant-making and fundraising body support CCI in term of staffs salary and various activities related to TMI activities.
Website: www.nfi.org.in

SALWAN: Salwan Media, based in New Delhi provides network support to CCI by providing a platform to network with corporate, potential funders, etc.
Website: www.salwanmedia.com



PERKINS: Perkins Voice and Vision India (PVVI), a national resource and training center for children with vision impairment and multiple disabilities (VIMD), including Deafblindness, provide technical supports to CCI.
Website: www.voicevisionindia.org

UNDP: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) provides professional National United Nations Volunteers (UNV) through United Nations Volunteers.
Website: www.undp.org

LFS: Laluithuaii Foundation School (LFS) supports from the inception till date in various ways so as every individual will be able to have a place for learning.
Website: www.foundianworld.com