MARC envisions the facilitation of capacities to meet the needs of persons with disabilities in the region. The experiences and lessons learnt have made CCI realize the need to address varied and unique, but appropriate intervention beyond education and health. Hence, CCI believes that it would be best to build/develop a campus where most of its existing and future activities can be stationed at one compositeplace and therefore, procured land for the campus.The campus is situated at Pearsonmun Village, Churachandpur, Manipur and its foundation-stone has been unveiled by Pi Lise Grande, the UN Resident Co-ordinator and the UNDP Resident Representative of India and dedicated to the Lord by Rev S Vung Minthang, the General Secretary of the Evangelical Baptist Convention (EBC) in 2013.

The MARC sees itself in a position as all in one plate-form which may help persons with disabilities (PwDs) to enabled their abilities to enjoy a dignified life.

Components of MARC at present are as follows:

Home Based Care (HBC)

TMI also initiated Home Based Care (HBC) where the UN Volunteers and the staff go and provide services in the homes of persons with disabilities. HBC is provided to persons with disabilities which limit their movement outside from home due to severe physical impairments, children of parents with disabilities, single parent or employed parents with no guardian to bring them to OPD. Persons living in and around the town of Churachandpur are given home based care. The faculty and teachers of TMI pay a visit once or twice a week to provide services like physiotherapy, speech therapy or special education.

Open-Door Service (ODS)

At the beginning of the year 2014, there were more than 30 children wait-listed who soughtto be enrolled at TMI. However, due to resources constraints, limited staffs and infrastructure, the school could capacitate only 25 students. Only 3 seats were vacant for the year 2014-2015.

The organization felt that the wait-listed students could not be left without receiving any services. SoTMI opened Open-door Service (as OPD) to provide services to children who are not enrolled in the school. Open-door Service opens every Thursday and Friday. 40 children are registered for Open-door Service, of which 26 are male and 16 are female. The services provided at Open-door Service are Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy and Special Education based on the need of the individual. Open-door Service is still on going with new children registering to avail the services.

The Malsawm Initiative (A School for Children with Special Needs)/ TMI

Children with special needs of this area suffer more than other regions of the country because there are no facilities within their reach. With a vision to create a just and accommodating society, His Excellency Gurbachan Jagat, Governor of Manipur inaugurated The Malsawm Initiative (A School for Children with Special Needs) in 2011.

TMI embarked on its journey of realising a dream – to provide equal opportunities and create a better world for everyone – by starting a school for children with special needs. Individuals and local communities came forward and contributed generously along with the support of the district administration. Educationists Pu T Vunglallian and Pi Shanti Tonsing offered a building within their school campus (Lalpuithuaii Foundation School) to carry out the project while Pi Jacinta Lazurus IAS, the then Deputy Commissioner of Churachandpur donated a vehicle for the school-van. All furniture and learning materials available were sourced from the local community.

The Malsawm Initiative brings together children with different disabilities under one roof. The primary focus is on behavior modification, cognitive, language, social and vocational skills with therapeutic services including physiotherapy, speech therapy and mobility training.

Service is provided to the children based on the Individualized Education Program (IEP) developed for each one of them. For a more active involvement of parents in the school activities and education program, a Parents' Support Group was also formed. Due to the dedication of staff and parents, three students have graduated from TMI and have now enrolled into a regular school.

List of beneficiaries under grant-in-aid of Deendayal Disabled Rehabilitation Scheme (DDRS) under ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India for the year 2015-16 and students enrolled at The Malsawm Initiative in 2016:

S. No Name Father's Name Date of Birth Sex Disability And Percentage of Disability Address
1 Mangngaihhat Thanglalthuam 08/05/2005 F Low Vision, 70% Thanlon, Churachandpur
2 Songgousiam Tualkhenmung 2004 M Low Vision, 70% Bukpi, Churachandpur
3 Elizabeth Donthianhoih Dr. Ginthianlal 15/02/2006 F Visually impairment, 100% Simveng, Churachandpur
4 Ginmalsawm Pauzagin Tonsing 26/06/2005 M Visually impairment, 75% Nehru Marg, Central Lamka, Churachandpur
5 Chinkhanmuan Chinkhosiam 10/01/2000 M Mental Retardation, 85% Bungmual, Churachandpur
6 Cicilia Lalruotlawk Lalneithuom 29/11/2004 F Mental Retardation, 100% Muolhlum, Rengkai, Churachandpur
7 G. Lalmalsawm G. Vungzabiak 03/05/2002 M Mental Retardation, 50% Salem Veng, Churachandpur
8 Immanuel H. Thanglungmuan 09/06/2006 M Mental Retardation, 80% Vengnuam, New Lamka, Churachandpur
9 Lalhmachhuana Lalzarliana 28/08/2001 M Mental Retardation, 80% Kawnpui, Churachandpur
10 Lalminsiem Pulamte Hemkhothang Pulamte 03/03/2003 M Mental Retardation, 90% S Kanaan Veng, Churachandpur
11 Lamthiensiem Thonglun Doungel 18/08/2003 M Mental Retardation, 80% N. Jalenphai, Churachandpur
12 Niangngaihlun V. Tualzakhup 04/05/2005 F Mental Retardation, 50% New Lamka, Churachandpur
13 Paugunthang Haokip Doukhomang Haokip 04/03/2006 M Mental Retardation, 80% Happy Valley, Tuibuong, Churachandpur
14 Pumtuahkim S. Biaklian 23/02/2006 F Mental Retardation, 50% Vengnuam, Churachandpur
15 Thangkhanlal Ngamzalet 22/12/2001 M Mental Retardation, 50% K. Salbung, Churachandpur
16 Khupthianmuan Simte (L) L. Lamzagin 24/12/1998 M Mental Retardation, 50% Ensuan Road, Vengnuam, Churachandpur
17 Pauliensang S.Lamboi 20/01/2004 M Mental Retardation, 80% Chengkonpang, Churachandpur
18 Sangliansiam L. Langchinmang 03/03/2009 M Mental Retardation, 50% Colony, Bungmual, Churachandpur
19 T. Paumuanlian T. Langsiam 11/10/2003 M Mental Retardation, 80% GS Road, New Lamka, Churachandpur
20 Thanglunsei Letkhohau 27/05/2008 M Mental Retardation, 50% S. Molcham, Churachandpur
21 Thangsianmuan (L) Liansuanlal 06/09/2003 M Mental Retardation, 80% New Lamka, Churachandpur
22 V. Liangoumuan V. Thanggin 01/04/2000 M Mental Retardation, 70% Beulahlane, Churachandpur
23 Vungthianhoih Lianzapau 09/03/2010 F Mental Retardation, 80% Bungmual, Churachandpur
24 Vungthiannem Tualzakam 05/08/2009 F Mental Retardation, 75% Vengnuam, New Lamka, Churachandpur
25 Chinminlun Vungngaihsang 2000 M Mental Retardation, 75% Bukpi, Churachandpur
26 Dalmuansang Manlunkim 2011 M Mental Retardation, 70% Bukpi, Churachandpur
27 Khupchinpiang Ngainou 2009 M Mental Retardation, 70% Phaitong, Churachandpur
28 Lunbiaknem Chinkhawl 06/05/2004 F Mental Retardation, 70% Thanlon, Churachandpur
29 Mannngaihlun Ginsuanthang 2003 F Mental Retardation, 70% Leizangphai, Churachandpur
30 Mungminlian Nianghau 2000 M Mental Retardation, 75% Bukpi, Churachandpur
31 Thangkhanlun Khamzason 2010 M Mental Retardation, 75% Mualpheng, Churachandpur
32 Thangminlian Chinlalson 2003 M Mental Retardation, 75% Bukpi, Churachandpur
33 Theimneihoih Soilalmuan 2005 F Mental Retardation, 75% Thanlon, Churachandpur
34 Zamngaihlian K. Ginsuanthang 2012 F Mental Retardation, 75% Khazang, Churachandpur
35 Tina Ngaisanching S. Kampau Mate 01/08/2008 F Mental Retardation, 90% Laizon Veng, Tuibuong, Churachandpur
36 Hemgousang Haokip Letkhogin Haokip 14/01/2000 M Multiple Disability, 80% K. Salbung, Churachandpur
37 Henmang T. Jamlal John 23/03/2005 M Multiple Disability, % Nehru Marg, Central Lamka, Churachandpur
38 Khupminlun Ginmuanthang 14/03/2006 M Multiple Disability, 50% Bible Hill, Churachandpur
39 Timothy V. Pauzamung 10/07/2005 M Multiple Disability, 50% Khominthang, Churachandpur
40 Anthony Haukhansiam Haulian 14/10/2007 M Locomotor Disability, 80% New Zoveng, Churachandpur
41 Elizabeth Chawngzamawi Lalnghaklien 05/06/2005 F Locomotor Disability, 80% Muolhlum, Rengkai, Churachandpur
42 Issac Paumalsawm Joseph 30/05/2003 M Locomotor Disability, 60% Headquarter veng, IB Road, Churachandpur
43 M. Thanglaljoy M. Zamlianmang 11/06/2009 M Locomotor Disability, 60% Zion Veng, New Lamka, Churachandpur
44 Tyson Lungousang S. Seilenmang Singson 16/10/2008 M Locomotor Disability, 75% K. Salbung, Churachandpur
45 Khamlalmuan L. Chinzamang 22/04/2009 M Locomotor Disability, 40% Zoar Veng, Bungmual, Churachandpur
46 Pauthansang Hauzagin 19/09/2006 M Locomotor Disability, 50% Bethel Veng, New Lamka, Churachandpur
47 Khamchinthang Malsawmthang 07/05/2008 M Locomotor Disability, 45% Thanlon, Churachandpur
48 Pauthansang S. Hauzagin 2007 M Locomotor Disability, 50% Thanlon, Churachandpur
49 Thanglalven Kambiaklian 15/03/2001 M Learning Disability, % Hiangtam Lamka, Churachandpur
50 Chiinkhawlching H. Pumkhenthang 10/11/2005 F Hearing impairment, 76% Pearsonmun, Churachandpur
51 Benjamin Mungmuansang Chinsuanmung 17/05/2007 M Hearing impairment, 97% Bungmual, Churachandpur
52 Paulamlun Chinkhansuan 09/04/2008 M Down Syndrome, 90% GS Road, New Lamka, Churachandpur
53 Chawngzamang Limpau 19/09/2005 M Cerebral Palsy, 100% V.Munhoih, New Lamka, Churachandpur
54 Khumlalven Vanlalruat 29/04/2005 M Cerebral Palsy, % GS Road, New Lamka, Churachandpur
55 Golding Malsawm Lazarus 09/07/2009 M Autism with ADHD, 80% Mualvaiphei, Churachandpur