Empowerment Empowerment UNAU:

CCI has initiated the Unau (siblings) meet since 2012, aiming at sensitizing the siblings of PwDs with the issues and challenges faced daily by their siblings. Aiming at creating a platform for siblings to break-free from their daily societal responsibilities and give them a chance to spend time, reflect and focus on their brothers and sisters. The ultimate goal being, strengthening  the  bond  and  relationship  in  the  family  and  nurturing  better understanding  of  the  situation,  ability  and  capacity  of  their  brothers  and  sisters  with disabilities. This is meant to foster a friendly environment in the family and society at large which will address the rights and dignity of persons with abilities to a greater extent.   

Disabled Peoples’ Organization:

In an effort to organize, empower and involve persons with disabilities in the process of their own development, CCI initiated the formation of Churachandpur District Disabled Union (CDDU).  An autonomous body administrated fully by PwDs, the body in partnership with CCI organizes advocacy, activism and other activities for the empowerment of PwDs.

Parents’ Association:

CCI believes in the active participation and inclusion of parents of persons with disabilities in the fight for the cause of the disabled. Parents being the primary care-givers and the ones spending maximum time with the PwDs, CCI believes their role to be equally and perhaps more important than any other form of intervention. CCI works towards empowering the parents both politically and economically so that they can afford to provide better services to their child. Parents Association of Persons with Disabilities Churachandpur District (PAPDCD) is formed and Block Level association is in the process.