Advocacy Advocacy Advocacy for the cause of disability has always beena part of the main objectives of CCI. The organization advocates to ensure that the human and legal rights of people with disabilities are promoted and protected so that they can fully participate in the community. PwDs in Churachandpur (CCPur) are one of the most disadvantaged and marginalized group within the community. Awareness about disability was non-existent among the peoples of CCPur. Lack of awareness, understanding and sensitivity by the local community were identified as the underlying factor in the low participation-rate of PwDs in social institutions and activities. It is therefore, necessary to pave the way for social inclusion, participation and acceptance of PwDs in the society.

So far, CCI has advocated for adisabled-friendly Election process by requesting to provide assistance to thevoters who needs special care, introduction of Braille signage on Electronic Voting Machines etc. Also, the organization advocated for a more disabled-friendly environment in churches and government offices within the district. Other significant results of campaigns spearheaded by CCI are District Medical Board constituted for issuance of Disability Certificate, seat reservation for PwDs in public transport services, inclusion of PwDs in social and church activities, and lobbying stake-holders for the cause of disabilities.