Centre for Community InitiativeCentre for Community Initiative

Centre for Community Initiative (CCI) is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organisation started in 2002 and restructured in 2007 to deal with various issues to provide a better society through community initiative and participation for the welfare of society and in particular to persons with special needs.

CCI involves in mapping positive and supportive environment for persons with disabilities; encourages inclusive education and advocates for their rights and dignity. It shares, listens, commits and works towards building a responsive society in which persons with disabilities explore their potential and grow in self-esteem to enjoy full participation in the community by facilitating and empowering parents, siblings and persons with disabilities through practical support, assessment and counselling.

How the story begins

Mr Pauzagin Tonsing and Mrs Dondouching were blessed with a baby boy in 2005 who was diagnosed with optic nerve atrophy, a day after birth. In a dauntless attempt to treat the child, they went to eye hospitals like RIMS (Imphal), Sankardeva Natralya (Guwahati), LVP Eye Institute (Hyderabad) and came to know that the case of their son was irreversible. They even tried to contact organizations which provide services in the town for his care and rehabilitation. However the absence of a reliable institution that could cater to their needs put the effort in vain. They met with others parents, care-givers and even older persons with various disabilities and discussed the common problems they faced. Together, they restructured the society and named it - Centre for Community Initiative (CCI) to focus primarily on disability.


We believes that each individuals, communities, institutions and government contribute in their own way to making the world a better place to live in.


Our vision is a healthy and just society with equal opportunities for all.


Our mission is to build and strengthen society for health care, education and socio- economic development through community initiatives and participation.